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Hoda Afshar’s Speak The Wind

These photographs summon the ghosts of the Strait of Hormuz, alluding to the psychic energy that lies beneath the sediments of the arid islands. These are perceptive portraits of men and women who appear undeterred by the harshness of the environment and its various elements, outwardly confident in a centuries-old ability to weather such forces.

Martha Wilson’s Journals

This volume collects the most representative pages of the performance artist’s diaries from 1965–83, which allow us to intimately approach her thoughts during these seminal years.

Aenne Biermann: Up Close and Personal

The first English-language monograph of the photographer to include her family’s vintage photographs. The book also draws on the recollections of the Biermann family, and is the first to include the family in its production, consolidating the elusive known facts about Biermann and introducing her to new audiences.

Troy Montes-Michie’s Rock of Eye

These collages use the multiple interpretations and histories of the stitch to explore masculinity, sexuality, and marginal identities. In a moment when conversations around the policing of Black bodies in public space continue to grow and gain momentum, Montes-Michie’s quiet scenes of interiority dramatically change the context.

Arthur Jafa: Revue Cahiers d’Art

These dialogues are indirect vehicles for Jafa’s articulation of selfhood, intercut with images from both interviewer and interviewee’s corpus, as well as excerpts of text by Man Ray and Saidiya Hartman. This scrapbook excels at summoning a feeling of intensity, thanks to his sharp-eyed snippets fashioned into observant, charged juxtapositions.


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