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“We’re Always Skirting That Breaking Point”

Online performance series Theater in Quarantine created a two-hander about bed bugs, which broke new ground for the company but nearly broke them in the process.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Broadway’s Jagged Little Journey Toward Nonbinary Inclusion

As the theater world awaits the Tony Awards, critic Christian Lewis uses this pause to address the harm against the nonbinary community the musical Jagged Little Pill enables and perpetuates. Zooming out, Lewis spotlights the shortcomings of the industry at large and how the infraction of one musical is but one part of a deeper, more insidious pattern.

In Conversation

The Industry Standard is Producing a New Generation of Theater

The eight co-founders of The Industry Standard Group, an organization created in response to commercial theater’s lack of diversity behind the curtain, host a roundtable to discuss dismantling the norm and setting a new benchmark for theater producers and investors.


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