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In Conversation

ANH VO with J. Alex Mathews

Choreographer and interdisciplinary artist Anh Vo speaks with J. Alex Mathews about their newest work BABYLIFT, named after a fatal operation set to evacuate children to the United States during the Vietnam War. They discuss the tensions between performance and ritual; grief and pleasure; spectres and spectacle.

Continuation and the Break: Notes on Black Lives and Tap Dance

In a layered essay, Orlando Hernández weaves together the history and practice of tap dance with insights into pandemic, US anti-blackness, native theology, and Western time. An intimate look at the syncopated art form offers countering modes of arranging our experience.

Retreat from the Divided States of America

After a year of artistic stasis and isolation, Ivan Talijancic notices a trend of new international residencies dreamed up by New York artists. With tentative light at the end of the pandemic’s tunnel, and a bleak political reality in America, three choreographers look to a hopeful future on foreign shores.


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