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In Conversation

Julie Mehretu with Phong H. Bui

Phong H. Bui speaks with Julie Mehretu about how she reinvents the alchemy of drawing as a thinking process into painting, especially in the language of abstraction.

In Conversation

KAWS with Jason Rosenfeld

Jason Rosenfeld speak with KAWS about the artist’s exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

In Conversation

Michael Snow with Raymond Foye

Raymond Foye speaks with Michael Snow about his pioneering work as an artist and filmmaker.

In Conversation

Adriana Varejão with Lee Ann Norman

Lee Ann Norman speaks with Adriana Varejão about her career, artistic influences, and her relationship to the azulejo.

In Conversation

Noel W. Anderson with Robert R. Shane

Robert R. Shane speaks with Noel W. Anderson about what happens when Blackness falls into abstraction.

In Conversation

Arazel Thalez with Olivier Berggruen and Mebrak Tareke

Olivier Berggruen and Mebrak Tareke speak with Arazel Thalez about how they engage their audience with themes in the realms of the spiritual, the erotic, and the taboo—caught in the tension between the sacred and the profane—encouraging the viewers to “frollick in the shadows of subconscious, for all the darkness is alive.”


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