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Anthropophagous Manifesto from the Periphery

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The Periphery unites us by its love, its pain and its color.

A voice shall cry out from the alleyways against the silence punishing us. A beautiful and intelligent people shall rise from the hillsides in a dash against their past. For a clean future for all Brazilians.

For outskirts that clamor for art and culture, and universities for diversity.

Agogos and tambourines accompanied by violins, only after school. Against art patrons who corrupt the freedom of choice.

Against art fabricated in order to destroy the critical senses, emotions and sensitivity born from multiple choice.

Art that frees us cannot come from the hand that enslaves us.

For the drumming in the kitchen, born in the kitchen, that Miss don’t want. The periphery poetry that sprouts up from the bar’s door.

The theater that does not come from “to have or not to have…”.

The real cinema that transmits a message. 

Plastic Arts that, in place of concrete, substitute wooden shacks.

Dance that finds relief in swan’s lake.

Music that does not cradle those asleep.

Literature in the streets awakening on sidewalks.

The Periphery united, at the center of everything. 

Against racism, intolerance and social injustices that prevailing art does not mention.

Against deaf-mute artists and lyrics that say nothing.

We must imbibe from art a new type of artist: the artist-citizen. One who, in their art, does not revolutionize the world, but does not collude with the mediocrity that makes a people deprived of opportunities into imbeciles. An artist at the service of community and country. Who is armed with truth, and exercises revolution on their own.

Against Sunday art that defecates in our classroom and spellbinds us to the seat of our chairs.

Against the barbarism of a lack of libraries, cinemas, museums, theaters and spaces to access cultural production.

Against kings and queens of the globalized castle and with hips so ample. Against capital that ignores the interior for the exterior. Miami for them? Me ame (love me) for us!

Against executioners and victims of the system.

Against cowards and learned folks stuck inside their Aquarian fishbowl.

Against servant artists that are slaves to their own vanity

Against vampires of public budgets and private art

Art that frees us cannot come from the hand that enslaves us.

The Periphery unites us by its love, its pain and its color!



Sergio Vaz

Sergio Vaz (1964) is a Brazilian poet and activist, and resident of the Metropolitan Region of the city of São Paulo. In addition to the publication of countless books of poetry, he stands out as the creator of autonomous cultural spaces and promoter of poetry and literature in peripheral regions of the city. Vaz is specifically the creator of the Cultural Cooperative of the Periphery (Cooperifa) in 2000, where hundreds of youths meet weekly to read and create poetry. He is also the founder of the event “Week of Modern Art in the Periphery” which took place in 2007.


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