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In Conversation

ETEL ADNAN with Charles Bernstein

Distinguished poet Charles Bernstein speaks with Etel Adnan about her poetry, the creation of language, and the thickness imparted upon oneself by time.

In Conversation

SARAH CROWNER with Tom McGlynn

Rail Editor-at-large Tom McGlynn speaks with Sarah Crowner about the concept of “plastic memory,” how time functions for paintings, the use of glazed tile, and how a painting is experienced differently when a performer activates the gallery.

In Conversation

TISHAN HSU with Martha Schwendener

Tishan Hsu speaks with art historian and critic Martha Scwhendener about his painting and sculpture practice, the relationship of the screen to the body, and Vilém Flusser’s prescient theories of photography.

In Conversation

JENNY SAVILLE with Jason Rosenfeld

Rail Editor-at-Large Jason Rosenfeld speaks with Jenny Saville about her latest exhibition and the dialogue in her work between realism and abstraction.


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