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Let Constraints Set You Free

The play feels simultaneously apiece with our politically confused world and also contained totally unto itself. “I'm interested in writing plays that feel like microcosms of the ‘larger world,’” Einspanier said. “At the time of writing, I was thinking a lot about the struggle towards kindness. We talk a lot about conflict (drama!) in the theater—I wanted to explore care, and how we might embody it onstage.”

In Dialogue

DAVE HARRIS with Kimber Lee

Dave Harris's writing moves like a boxer who understands how to use angles to create openings and land a punch that you never saw coming—but unlike boxing, it's enjoyable when Dave scores on you. His many gifts as a writer are in full effect in his hilarious and incisive play Exception to the Rule in which five high school students sit in detention on a Friday, all regulars to the system.

Building an Invisible Theater

I was getting caught up in the despair, but after a day or two of grieving, I started to discover something astonishing: the artists of New York City were getting to work

A selection of virtual theater spaces to gather in

In this time of actual theater closures, virtual theater spaces are burgeoning. Following is a curated list of live theater programming by top NYC innovators, now available for your at-home viewing pleasure and participation.


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APRIL 2020

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