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Rosanna Mclaughlin’s Double-Tracking: Studies in Duplicity

From fashion to architecture, interior design to website layout, mixology to vacation planning, high-low hybrids are white hot. Rather than persuade the reader of her observations’ legitimacy, Mclaughlin instead presents us with a compelling lens through which to consider the middle-class infatuation with workwear, utilitarian design, and retro aesthetics.

The Saddest Thing Is That I Have Had to Use Words: A Madeline Gins Reader

Including a full facsimile reproduction of Madeline Gins’s out-of-print 1969 novel WORD RAIN, as well as previously unpublished essays and poems, this collection illustrates Gins’s ability to capture the embodied experience of reading and celebrates her mastery as an experimental writer.

Gustav Metzger’s Writings

Including versions of his Auto-Destructive Art Manifesto, the moral content of this collection is unashamed melancholic rage at the state of the world. Metzger’s writings, at times naïve, can still mess with heads in right-wing America.

Patrick de Vries’s Alberto Giacometti and the Perception of Reality

A clear culmination of thorough and thought-provoking research into Giacometti’s personal letters and drawings, de Vries offers exciting archival discoveries. But the broad focus on differing topics and span of over four decades of the artist’s life prevents a deep investigation into these findings.


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