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Field Notes

Come Hell or High Water

What science is telling us is that the greenhouse gases that the human race is emitting into the atmosphere are heating up the planet to levels not seen since before the evolution of homo sapiens. It tells us that unless the world can keep the human-caused temperature rise below 2℃ above pre-industrial levels, we face a disastrous near future with devastating and possibly unforeseen consequences.

Tar Sands and Genocide

In—and I don’t use the term lightly—a genocidal example of geography becoming our climate-change destiny, the deep-throated Athabasca River flows north, not south. In every Canadian province and territory, north means native, with the urban population thinning out and the proportion of First Nations residents rising. Bile duct cancers also rose among the Fort Chipewyan First Nations residents who live north and downriver from the notoriously water-intensive petroleum “upgrading” facilities around Fort Mac.

Once More to the Breach

As we slide towards the latest installment of the War on Terror™, it’s worth remembering we’ve been here before, traversing the same discursive terrain about the merits of war against a country that starts with the letters I-R-A-. Not only has very little changed, this new gearing up for war and the discourses surrounding it are direct consequences of the failure in 2002 of the US left to base its anti-war resistance on a moral foundation distinct from the logic of empire

In Conversation

ADAM RENSCH with John Collins

The third book in the Field Notes series published by Reaktion Books in association with the Brooklyn Rail has just been published: No Home for You Here: A Memoir of Class and Culture, by Adam Theron-Lee Rensch. John Collins sat down with Rensch at his home in Chicago to discuss the book and its preoccupations.


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