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Nancy Princenthal’s Unspeakable Acts: Women, Art, and Sexual Violence in the 1970s

The 1970s in America was a “decisive moment” for public dialogue on sexual abuse and it acted as a turning point in gender politics after suffragette feminism, when the pains of abused women were spoken for the first time together with artists. Princenthal explores the phenomenology of precisely these acts of speech: their unspeakability, their first articulations, and their transformation into language.

Robin Richardson’s Try Not to Get Too Attached

Including paragraphs of prose poetry and drawings with hand drawn lines of text, Richardson’s visual-verbal poetry collection speaks to the condition of being a woman today.

dispersed holdings’s Speed of Resin

For their recent publication, Speed of Resin, the artist-run space dispersed holdings engaged with the idea of truncated time while documenting their final days of programming in Eva Hesse’s former Bowery apartment before being forced to find a new location.

Kathy Acker (1971–1975)

Including previously unpublished material from as early as 1969, this collection offers not only a thoroughly-researched selection of early Acker texts, but also a compelling addition to the extant criticism, providing detailed insight into the creative processes that entwined the author’s life and writing.


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