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How Could It Get Worse?

In the present case, the belief goes, without COVID-19, America would truly be great, and getting greater, regardless of your voting preferences. And our nonstop progress is moral as well as economic: for the professional classes, the arc of the moral universe really does bend toward justice (at least for them).

The American Crisis: A Trans-Atlantic View

Ultimately, the disquiet of the European ruling classes clarifies what they understand to be the essence of that “soul,” whose contours seem at first sight to be rather vague: democratic consensus. For the implosion of this consensus opens up on conflicts and clashes escaping consensual resolution and makes even the pursuit of the reproduction of a modern capitalist society seem difficult.

“Won’t somebody please think of the children?”

Just hours after the white tents appeared, followers of the conspiracy theory known as QAnon concocted this elaborate story: in a network of underground tunnels beneath Central Park, children had been bred and raised for sexual slavery. These “mole children” were raised underground, kept in cages, destined to feed the dark desires of an elite society of devil worshippers.


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