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The Grand Union: Accidental Anarchists of Downtown Dance

In what is held to be Banes’s definitive text on postmodern dance, Grand Union serves as almost a coda to a story in which Judson is the protagonist. However, in Wendy Perron’s new book The Grand Union: Accidental Anarchists of Downtown Dance, 1970-1976, the group gets their moment after nearly 50 years.

Finding Dis/orientation in Alexa West’s Triple Expo

How do we co-exist and what do we share? Triple Expo both culls and disassembles the movements of capitalism: the flow of objects, the accumulation of materials, the network of labor, and the bodies enclosed within.

In Conversation


In June, when the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic really sunk in for the dance community, a new wave of selective police brutality drew and riveted global attention on a second pandemic: rampant racism. It was then that Charmaine Warren, with Kimani Fowlin and Nicholas Hall, founded Black Dance Stories (BDS). Every Thursday evening Black dance artists shared their stories in a public Zoom forum.

“It's Our Time Now”: The Aesthetics of Horror in Jordan Peele’s Us

Seemingly out of nowhere, the underclass rises up to seize power. There is widespread pandemonium. As the old world order crumbles, there is a sense that nothing can ever be the same again. What sounds like news coverage of summer 2020 is actually the plot of Us (2019), directed by Jordan Peele.


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