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MITCH EPSTEIN with Barry Schwabsky

Mitch Epstein’s most recent New York exhibition was Property Rights at Sikkema Jenkins last fall. That show led Andrea Scott of The New Yorker to observe that Epstein “makes headline-grabbing subjects—immigration, federal-land protections that have come under threat or already been rolled back, and other abuses of American power—feel at once urgent and timeless.”

In Conversation

GLADYS NILSSON with Robert R. Shane

Star Trek and opera are among the many sources that have informed Gladys Nilsson’s hilariously irreverent paintings and collages since her time as a Hairy Who? (1966–1969) member. Erotic and grotesque characters engaged in humorous plots and subplots populate her densely packed, carnivalesque scenes in acrylic or watercolor.

In Conversation

MARK BLOCH with Megan N. Liberty

For over four decades, artist and writer Mark Bloch has been fastidiously building his archive of mail art, a practice he began in the late ’70s under the banner of the Postal Art Network—giving him his artistic pseudonym PAN.

In Conversation


After her first major survey Here at Chicago Cultural Center, Candida Alvarez continues to explore her hybrid space as a boundless pictorial expansion in every possible and direct intimation of art through lived experience.

In Conversation

PIERRE ROSENBERG with Joachim Pisarro and David Carrier

Museums have to contend with increasing numbers of visitors, but how these expansions of the buildings and the collections are supported financially considerably varies from one country to another. Pierre Rosenberg speaks with the Rail about his tenure as director of the Louvre, from 1994 to 2001.

In Conversation


Art Historian Barbara Rose talks with Heather Hutchison about her work, the Umbrian landscape, and how natural phenomena inspire her compositions.


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