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Art Books Dispatches from the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair

My conversation with Devers underscored the importance of collecting as a means of rectifying history. “It seems like a nostalgic pursuit, but the more energy in the market around certain books, the more likely it gets onto syllabus and back into print.”

Aaron Schuman's SLANT

SLANT, published by MACK, alternates between police blotter excerpts from the Amherst Bulletin and black-and-white photographs taken by Schuman within a thirty-mile radius of the town.

Shattered Objects: Djuna Barnes's Modernism

Djuna Barnes (1892–1982) remains one of the most important lesser known modernist figures. A true Renaissance woman, Barnes was a literary pioneer of modernism, writing queer novels like Nightwood (1936) and Ladies Almanack (1928), in addition to plays, poems, and her work as a New York-based journalist.

Paul Gauguin's Intimate Journals

In his final days, post-impressionist artist Paul Gauguin undertook one last significant endeavor: to reflect on his life through personal journals, to be published only after his death.

In Conversation

EBONY FLOWERS with Naomi Elias

In her first book, Hot Comb, Denver-based cartoonist and ethnographer Ebony Flowers blends fiction and creative nonfiction into a graphic novel about Black women and their hair.


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