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At Long Last Tanowitz

Pam Tanowitz has been making compelling dances since 2002, and yet has been passed over until just recently for choice commissions. Now, we can finally stop wondering: why isn’t Tanowitz asked to create work for major companies?

Giving Voice to Collective Memory

St. Mark’s Church on 10th Street first began programming artists almost one hundred years ago, when writers such as Edna St. Vincent Millay and Kahil Gibran echoed their words into the building. Before that, the church’s Episcopal congregation worshiped, prayed, and sang in the church as early as 1799, the year the parish hall was completed.

Bewitching Stagecraft and Competing Objects

When Jonathan González first emerges from the stage curtains, dragging an ominous, glowing spotlight, only his boots are illuminated. We do not immediately see González’s body, beyond his feet, but we can make out his figure periodically reaching into the light, expanding his stance, and genuflecting towards the spotlight in what looks like prayer.


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