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Change as Real as New York Schist: “This Used to Be New York” at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival

My father hailed from Staten Island and called himself a “True New Yorker.” The New York City of his time was everything to him.

The Craftsman

Prolific, eclectic, and wholly disinterested in highbrow pretentions, Dominik Graf never sought the distinction of auteur for himself—he prefers ‘craftsman’—but others bestowed it upon him regardless, as with sundry other genre mavericks across film history, from Jacques Tourneur to Paul W.S. Anderson.

Otro Mundo: The Wandering Soap Opera

Now, many years since the barrier between high and low art was obliterated, it doesn’t seem so odd that Raúl Ruiz, progenitor of the hyperbaroque in film, would dabble in telenovelas shortly after returning to his homeland of Chile, or that such a light-hearted experiment would effectively mark the end of his political exile

An Antidote for These Trying Times: Diamantino

Creating a truly singular film in this current, oversaturated landscape is quite a feat, but directors Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt (Portuguese and American, respectively) have done just that with Diamantino, a candy-colored concoction of a political satire that on paper sounds quite frankly insane.

There are no rules!: Restored and Revisited Avante–garde Films from the Netherlands

This admittedly rather long title announces an upcoming survey of Dutch experimental filmmaking to be showcased at the Austrian Filmmuseum in June

Losing Control of the Nightclub: Everybody in the Place

While essentially about the past, it also concerns itself with continuities, intending to involve the audience in an assessment of their shared present through the deconstruction of a past they are too young to have been a part of.


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