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In Dialogue

Tragedy with a Chewy Comic Center: MADELEINE GEORGE with Matt Longabucco

Madeline George's real ambition to connect with people through writing and stage the conversations that animate her formidable mind, helps show me (and many) what a principled and truly evolving practice can and should achieve.

Jeremy O. Harris Continues His Firecracker Season with “Daddy”

With two searing world premieres in one season, Jeremy O. Harris isn’t making a splash; he’s summoning a tidal wave.

In Conversation

Venturing into the Dark with a Lifeline: PAUL CALDERON with Elisabeth Ng

Obie Award-winning actor Paul Calderon’s new play Master of the Crossroads makes its world premiere at The Bridge Theater. You may have seen him in Pulp Fiction, Boardwalk Empire, Madam Secretary, or more recently on AMC’s Fear of the Walking Dead.

In Conversation

God Said This: Dying Laughing with Leah Nanako Winkler

Leah Nanako Winkler is back in Kentucky with her funny, heartbreak of a play God Said This. It’s a play about cancer, but it makes you laugh.


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