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Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle’s SIR

Equal parts artist book, poetry collection, and memoir, SIR explores Hinkle’s mother’s decision to name her first son Sir, the aspirational power of names and what they carry for their bearers, and the inescapable nature of history.

Enghelab Street, A Revolution through Books: Iran 1979 – 1983

Amassed by the artist Hannah Darabi, this oversized photobook casts a broadly curated lens on the sociopolitical turmoil induced by Iran’s Islamic revolution through a look at the Tehran’s underground publishing scene. Including personal recollections, first-hand accounts from publishers and photographers, and invaluable photographic documentation of the books and the city, Darabi and researcher Chowra Makaremi reconstruct this important moment in Iran’s history.

Patrick Rössler's Bauhausmädels and Elizabeth Otto's Haunted Bauhaus

Bauhausmädels is a yearbook-style photobook highlighting its oft-overlooked female population, while Haunted Bauhaus uses a more historical approach to look at the women of the school and its little-known cultures of mysticism, sexual exploration, and queer identities. Together the titles reveal the Bauhaus to be an experiment deeper, wider, and richer than many historians have suggested.

Barbara Happe and Martin S. Fischer's The Auerbach House by Walter Gropius with Adolf Meyer

Edited by the house’s current owners, the new edition advances the earlier publication’s argument that the rather little-known Auerbach House was crucial to the development of Walter Gropius’s Bauhaus style. This edition of the book improves the quality of the wall painting images and utilizes recent scholarly work to update the analysis of the book.


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