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Mediterranean Migration Monologues

A ferry service that connects Morocco and Spain offers tourists rides between the European and African continents. The trip of one and a half hours costs $40 (US) for a one-way ride. For refugees trying to cross the sea on rubber dinghies or fiberglass boats, the same journey takes days and it can cost up to several thousand dollars. 

In Conversation

Fear Becomes Exhilaration: BrandoCapote

Sara and her husband/director/collaborator Reid Farrington are passionate theater makers, parents, advocates, and friends. Their husband and wife run company, Foxy Films, is making BrandoCapote, which has been workshopped at Art House for the past nine months and will premiere at The Tank in November.

The Regime is Female

Who said to kill all* the men? [*almost all] The answer to that question stays ominously unanswered in Sarah Elizabeth Grace's new play The Regime is Female, but we get a mounting sense that the eradication of nearly all the white men happened quickly, without “feminist” consensus and perhaps as non-intersectionally as other women's movements have been enacted historically in The United States.

In Dialogue

The Final Frontier of Liza Birkenmeier

If there was only one way of doing things, Liza would be writing the same homecoming-hostage play over and over (not a bad idea) instead of constantly building completely new worlds in her work, showing her unique sense of place and character and conflict, all with the patience of a thoracic surgeon and the humor of Carol Burnett.

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