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For Steve Dalachinsky

None of it
Had meaning
Or value a basic
Expression or latent
Mythological regression to
Ritualized blood soaked
Empiricism from extraterrestrial
Intelligence with technological superiority and thus
Influence over all of us even now
Our monuments reflect it and
Though the slave-powered construction
Is incomprehensible to us we needn't ascribe divine
Origin, it's all too simple and
Unconfirmable, At
Least that's what I hear


You mean you can hear that?
You're saying my voice is inside your head and you're imagining a set of words I never said? But said in my voice in your head? Is it strange to say that? I want to hear it. It's my desire to hear. Now I've lost interest. It's all the same anyway. And everyone can do that anyway.

If you can't sing they'll expect you to speak
If you can't speak they'll expect you to whisper
If you can't whisper they'll expect you to scrawl
If you can't scrawl they'll expect you to carve
If you can't carve they'll expect you to hew
If you can't hew they'll expect you to sew

If you can't sew they'll expect you to see
If you can't see they'll expect you to sing


That'll do that'll do
That'll tattle tale you
What do you for?
What can I do you for?
What can I do for you?

Any way you slice it it's still


That thing you do with your eyes
That thing you do by cutting
That thing you do by rolling your jeans
That thing you do with your hair
That thing you do with repetition
That thing you do with appropriation
That thing you do with "being from inside and outside something"
That thing you do on the screen
That thing you do with the screen
That thing you do when you're on the stage
That thing you do when your audience is your friend
That thing you do with your anecdotes about acquaintances
That thing you do by raising children
That thing you do by not raising children
That thing you do by walking
That thing you do for eternity
That thing you always do anyway.

I'm waiting for the insects to change register I'm hearing a subliminal jig underlying the night some super
high overtones ringing or is that just a neurological phenomenon or is it a sign of deeper auditory
connection to the lines that flow
              Through the air and into our ears time-bound amid gravitational effects
and "quantum intentionality"
              You've got to be there every night until you feel it you have to seek it
out It's not gonna find you and even if it did, how would you recognize it?

With intrusions from Arthur Jafa


Ted Reichman

Ted Reichman is a musician, composer and producer known for his work with Anthony Braxton, John Hollenbeck and many other artists, and for his scores for films like “Rick,” “Dear Mandela,” and the forthcoming “Missing in Brooks County.” He is a faculty member at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. His writings about music have appeared in John Zorn’s Arcana series and the New York Review of Books Daily.


NOV 2019

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