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Nights on Prose Mountain

A new collection that captures the enigmatic prose of poet and interdisciplinary figure bpNichol. The collection appears not like a traditional collected stories, but rather a book grouped thematically by time and subject matter more so than genre or form.

The Curious Moaning of Kenfig Burrows

Throughout this lyrical and poetic photobook, which combines Rickett’s own words and images across 80 elegant pages, the photographer and writer circles around the subject of her research like a constantly moving stream of water, allowing narrative fragments to float to the surface before they sink away again.

Suzanne Lacy: We Are Here

Suzanne Lacy: We Are Here provides a rich introduction to Lacy’s practice and raises a number of critical questions over authorship, display, language and form within Lacy’s work specifically and social practice more broadly.

Changes: Notes on Choreography and Women's Work

Changes telegraphs the sustained themes of the prominent 20th-century choreographer’s non-representational dance practice, emphasizing by way of its fragmented form his maverick interests in collaboration, pedagogy, technology, chance-based methods, and ephemeral experiences that occur in relation to the written form. Cutting together extensive notebook entries overlaid with instructions for individual dances, photographs, theater programs, movement charts, and assorted notations by members of his cohort such as his longtime partner John Cage, the project registers as a working example of his methodology, in which sound, visual elements, and movement could be independently and suggestively developed in close proximity on stage—or in this case, on the page.


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