Nationalism, Borders, and the State

Field Notes

While the “Abolish ICE” slogan is no doubt well-intentioned, it ought to raise a more fundamental question about the very existence of borders and their relation to the state.

Weimar: Then or Now?

Field Notes

For reasons somewhat unclear, liberal democracy, when pushed to its logical extension in terms of actual, and not just hypothetical, equal rights for all, also generates social forces that call for its own curtailment.

The Educated Working Class

Field Notes

The educated underclass may be over-educated for the jobs that are available to them but they have the education necessary for a post-capitalist future world of sustainability and equality.


Emma Goldman's Adventures in France

Field Notes

In April 2019, Laure Batier presented Vivre ma Vie at the Montreal feminist bookstore L’Enguélionne. A few days later she talked with the Rail about the significance of this project.

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