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ITA SEGEV with George Kan

"To perform as a trans person—it’s like: why be stared at by a group of people after experiencing that all day in the street? But there’s a deep desire to be seen—which is different from a desire to be watched."

The Master and Form: Ballet is Not Bondage

In his description of The Master and Form (2018), Brendan Fernandes claims to “queer” the illusionistic discipline of ballet by focusing on effort, which would be radical if it weren’t a few years late.

This Is What Accessibility Sounds Like

Like a number of sighted people at the I wanna be with you everywhere festival at Performance Space New York, I had never used Audio Description (AD) during a dance performance. At every other dance show I had attended in my life, I had benefited from the assumption that the audience would be watching the dance.


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