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JUNE 2019 Issue

The Road to Golgonooza


T. Motley

T. Motley is the author of The Road to Golgonooza, a fake jam comic.

M.C. BloV8

M.C. BloV8, logo and anagrams, recently had a career retrospective at NYC's Fugitive Gallery. He can be reached care of Singsing.

Chris M. Otterson

Chris M. Otterson, panel 1, is at work on a series of Tijuana Bibles inspired by the classic Man from Nantucket books. Check his instagram for a preview: cmot15

Gonzo Loretta O'Hagood

Gonzo Loretta O'Hagood, panels 2-4, received this year's Pini Award for her webcomic, Ginger Duck and her Barnyard Friends. yourdailydoodle.tumblr.com


JUNE 2019

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