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Dalloway’s Window

My apartment stood alone on a hill above the new city. I rarely went out, maybe because of this distance. When the man moved in, towards the end of an enormous monsoon, he said the mountaintop would make for great views at night.

The Absence of Absence

Sure, there were “bodies” everywhere. But not actual bodies. Just the carapaces or shells of “bodies.”

The Road to Golgonooza

T. Motley is the author of The Road to Golgonooza, a fake jam comic.

inSerial: part nine
The Mysteries of Paris

After responding to the Schoolmaster’s signal, the host of the Coeur-Saignant advanced with civility to the doorway. The man, whom Rodolphe had searched for in La Cité, and whose real name he did not yet know, was Bras-Rouge. Small, thin, stunted, and weak, the man looked to be about fifty.

In Conversation

New Routes in Fiction: CHRIS POWER with Alec Niedenthal

Power’s debut collection—he has worked as a book critic for twenty years—Mothers treats the loss of self and identity in flux. Always powerful but never too neat, the stories in the book often have a neutral tone that belies the complex turns they take. Mothers marks the arrival of a great talent, and you should read it.


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