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Anna Ostoya's and Ben Lerner's The Polish Rider

In June of 2016, Ben Lerner published a short story in the New Yorker about an artist who, on the eve of a big opening, loses two paintings in the back of an Uber. Lerner’s story was largely based on Polish painter Anna Ostoya, a real-life friend of the author’s who experienced this while finalizing an exhibition at Bortolami Gallery earlier that spring.

R. Crumb's Dream Diary

At the midpoint of R. Crumb’s Dream Diary, a new book by legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb, the artist details a dream he once endured called “Dream of Huge Woman in Thigh-High Boots,” in which he lusts after an overweight and incredibly tall woman who wears nothing but thigh-high leather boots.

Saul Fletcher, Essays by Ralph Rugoff and Kirsty Bell

Saul Fletcher’s first monograph, published by Inventory Press last December, begins with a quote from The Rings of Saturn by W. G. Sebald: “The seasons and the years came and went … and always … one lost more and more of one’s qualities, became less comprehensible to oneself, increasingly abstract.”

Olivier Schrauwen's Parallel Lives

Any new work by Belgian artist Olivier Schrauwen is a major event for comics connoisseurs. His work impresses readers with a highly confident style that teeters between fluid naturalism and graphic abstraction, and makes inventive use of the comics form to serve his eccentric exploration of complex narrative themes.


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