Surveying the Demos: Reviving Civic Dialogue in Astra Taylor's What is Democracy?


Though the film begins with allusions to rule and justice from Antiquity and the Renaissance, What Is Democracy? is very much about the global present.

The Past Lingers On: Ash is Purest White


Jia records the microscopic impacts of the dramatic political, social, and moral changes that have marked individuals, preserving social history within cinematic memory.


CHRISTIAN PETZOLD with Anthony Hawley


But in exile, from the ruins of your culture, you can build a weapon: a survival weapon.

In the Rotterdam of the Senses: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019


Now in its 48th edition, the International Film Festival Rotterdam has become something of an overwhelming experience, with hundreds of titles being shown over the week and a half that it takes place.


MAR 2019

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