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As far I can find, Apollinaire’s posthumously published novel has not before appeared in English. Indeed rarely acknowledged, La Femme assise is not mentioned at all in thick Apollinaire books by, say, Francis Steegmuller and Margaret Davies.

The Barn on Rowdy Creek


A dusty pickup truck with a lot of rugged miles on it is moving at a solid clip along a road in the Snake River floodplain of Idaho, a gray-haired woman with a lot of rugged miles on her at the wheel. She steers with one elbow while she rolls a cigarette, then lights it with her Zippo and picks up her conversation with the smoke where it never left off.

Short Shorts


I tried to shove an octopus into a drawer. Whenever I pushed in one side of her, the other would pop out, sillyputtied and tentacled, like dough from a biscuit tube.


Highlights from the Life of Raymond Roussel #5: Locus


T. Motley is serializing "Highlights from the Life of Raymond Roussel" in the Brooklyn Rail, helped by a grant from the Spillway Fund, Text translated from the French by Mark Ford, John Harmon, John Ashbery, and Mark Polizzotti.

inSerial: part nineteen–the conclusion
Delusions of Being Observed


She had the feeling someone was watching them from a distance, from the roof of one of the buildings bordering the ocean, but no one was there. She turned her head, she looked behind her, she stared at the ocean where there was a single boat on the horizon. No one.


New Routes in Fiction:
SHEILA HETI with Alec Niedenthal


Sheila Heti is the author of seven books, including the 2012 novel, How Should a Person Be? which was a New York Times Notable Book and was called by Time magazine "one of the most talked-about books of the year."

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