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In Conversation

JACK FERVER with Ivan Talijancic

Never the one to shy away from difficult subject matter, Jack Ferver has created an idiosyncratic body of work over the past decade, managing to pull off an audacious feat of making his audience flinch and laugh simultaneously. In the press, his contemporary performance works have been referred to as “darkly humorous” (The New York Times), while The New Yorker went so far as to declare that they “look and feel like exorcisms”

Bouquets within Reach

For Mariana Valencia’s second presentation as a BAX 2017/18 artist in residence, she shows Covers, Singles, Shout Outs: an assemblage of embodied observations from her life and work. Together, these observations explore the self as an ensemble of influences rather than a singular entity.

Comfort, Humor, and Grace

Jane Comfort and Company’s 40th Anniversary Retrospective demonstrated how the choreographer’s work engages with audiences, while proving its wide-range and resistance to definition.

Reid & Harriet: A Site for New Approaches to Production Design

The house lights dim to a smolder and dancers dart one-by-one into the Guggenheim’s Peter B. Lewis Theater, following rounded aisles onto the stage.


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