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Yesterday, after a neighbor heard about my wretched situation, she took me to a witch she said would rid me of my husband if I paid a certain amount of money. The diviner also required me to procure handfuls of dirt from seven abandoned graves.

Our Neighbors

I always closed the door when my father entered our house, but this time I left it open as I looked for a long time at two huge pots on black iron tripods beneath which flaming pieces of wood had been placed to turn to live coals.


HAVE YOU EVER HAD THE EXPERIENCE OF DISAPPEARING INTO SOMETHING MUCH GREATER THAN YOURSELF? I was born into families in exile, so I learned where I was through the screen. Here is the world they brought you to, said the screen. I will show it to you.

Roll of the Dice

None of us wore masks. That meant people could see us right away. But we were protected by being indistinguishable. There are tons of people with faces like ours in this country.

inSerial: part sixteen
Delusions of Being Observed

A few minutes out of Penn Station, I took a book out of my shoulder-bag, a dog-eared paperback copy of The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing, which I’d first read as an undergraduate. Someone told me Lessing was dying, and I remembered all the days and nights of my first year in New York, lying in bed with a gin and tonic and a cigarette  in the small suite of dorm rooms I shared with two other students, a long scarf wrapped like a cobra around my neck, shoulders and arms.

Highlights from the Life of Raymond Roussel #2: Doublure

T. Motley is serializing "Highlights from the Life of Raymond Roussel" in the Brooklyn Rail, helped by a grant from the Spillway Fund, Text translated from the French by Mark Ford and John Harmon.

The Black Market

JOSHUA DANIEL is a new york-based cartoonist and illustrator. He makes noir comics, political comics, boardgames, and DnD characters. You can also visit his website for commissions and other things,, and also check out more political comics at


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