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DEC 18-JAN 19

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DEC 18-JAN 19 Issue
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Pushcart Prize Nominations 2018


Rail Fiction: Pushcart Nominations 2018

Art Brut by Carlos Fonseca Suárez 
Dec 17/Jan 18

Witch! By Faleeha Hassan, translated from the Arabic by William M. Hutchins
March 2018

Michael Row the Boat Ashore by John Reed
May 2018

The Cursed Hunter in the Red Lands (January 1836) by Douglas Glover
April 2018

The Nameable : on experimental writing by Eugene Lim
April 2018

Narrating Forgetting by Hilary Plum
September 2018


InTranslation: Pushcart Nominations 2018

Parts 1 and 4 of Kleftiko by George Prevedourakis
Translated from the Modern Greek by Brian Sneeden
November 2018

From “Cliffs of the Indian Southwest” by Pablo Neruda and Adam Greenberg
Translated from the Spanish by Adam Greenberg
August 2018

The Island by Pilar Fraile Amador
Translated from the Spanish by Heather D. Davis
March 2018

Poetry by Mário de Andrade
Translated from the Brazilian Portuguese by Ana Paula
March 2018

Grotto by Rocío Cerón
Translated from the Spanish by Anna Rosenwong
From 100 Refutations: Day 32
May 2018

Boat Adrift by Enrique Noriega
Translated from the Spanish by Lina M. Ferreira C.-V.
From 100 Refutations: Day 98
July 2018


The Brooklyn Rail

DEC 18-JAN 19

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