Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings, Torre Bonomo, Spoleto

Sol LeWitt and Konrad Fischer at Torre Bonomo, Spoleto. Image courtesy the author.

Writer Rye Dag Holmboe and photographer Joschi Herczeg were the first residents to explore the Torre Bonomo in Spoleto as part of the Mahler & LeWitt Studios program. The tower belonged to Marilena Bonomo, Sol LeWitt's first gallerist in Italy, and is now owned by her daughter Valentina. Its terrace provided the vista for the final pages of LeWitt's photo-book From Monteluco to Spoleto (1976) and hosted an exhibition of his work during the 1977 Festival Dei Due Mondi. Amongst the exhibited works, still extant, were a unique set of site-specific wall drawings—properly known as Wall Drawing #288—which Dag Holmboe, in an essay being published in October journal this fall, describes as “studio drawings” because of the unusual circumstances in which they were made (arguably they were executed over a prolonged period of time, whilst LeWitt was on his own “residency” with the Bonomo family in Spoleto). Joschi Herczeg documented these little-seen wall drawings and we now have the challenge of transposing their web of inter-connected lines and affiliated text into book format to bring them to a wider audience. 

Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #288 at Spoleto. Image courtesy Joschi Herczeg.
Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing #288 at Spoleto. Image courtesy Joschi Herczeg.
Sol LeWitt, Monteluco. Image courtesy the author.


Guy Robertson

GUY ROBERTSON is co-director and curator of Mahler & LeWitt Studios, based in London and Spoleto.