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Speculative Color: 100 lines for Stephen Mueller

Stephen Mueller, Untitled works, 2004–07. Acrylic on canvas, 16 panels, 12 x 12 inches each. Courtesy Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, State University of New York. Gift of Pat Steir.

On View
Hunter College Art Galleries
September 13 – October 28
New York, NY
  1. Color to haunt our homes’ discouragingly safe palate
  2. Color to disrupt American modesty and Puritan codes
  3. Color hovering between data & tantric color
  4. Color to help us inhabit other bodies
  5. Color to speak unseen alphabets
  6. Color to tune us into the frequencies of elsewheres
  7. Vernacular color
  8. Uncanny color
  9. Delicious color transgressive color
  10. “Painting gives us eyes all over.” (Deleuze on painting)
  11. Color to give us eyes inside and out
  12. Plaid almost impossible to bear
  13. Kitschy color
  14. Christmas color
  15. Excess color
  16. What’s color worth and why
  17. Goosebumps color
  18. Eat the colors
  19. A grid of functional objects to adorn our future selves
  20. Color to queer us
  21. Color to queen us
  22. Hot Mess color
  23. Lunchtimes color
  24. Screensaver color
  25. Zoned-out color
  26. Color without standards
  27. Extraterrestrial alien brocade color
  28. Faster future ever-after color
  29. “Dazzling colorless bodies,” “pathological color,” “epoptical color,” the radiant prismatic worlds in coffee bubbles (Goethe)
  30. Bejeweled color
  31. Jack Spicer color
  32. Deep-listening color
  33. Forbidden Colors (Mishima)
  34. Other voices color
  35. Greenberg would not approve (thankfully) color
  36. Stain-time shape-time perfume-time cartoon-time
  37. Color so we can see a little further
  38. Color for future seers/Future color
  39. "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel." (Gibson)
  40. How many televisions is this color?
  41. Poetic surplus supplement color
  42. Speed suspended in color
  43. Color to care for the health of color
  44. Color to put holes in things
  45. Color to create porous borders
  46. Color to upset all hegemonic orders
  47. Color to overthrow power
  48. Radiating halos
  49. Cast a spell color
  50. Alchemical conjuring
  51. Poltergeist color blimpy color
  52. Intersections of being
  53. Color to slow
  54. Color to grow other ecologies
  55. A gray to spill over all the edges
  56. A gray to say a painting is not only a surface
  57. A gray along the outside have you thought about painting as functional object have you thought about how you could wear these around your body color
  58. Nondenominational vespers color
  59. Radically hospitable color
  60. Walking meditation color
  61. Sitting meditation color
  62. Empty mind open field color
  63. Multilingual color
  64. Mutant American patchwork color
  65. Potlach color
  66. Flowers of Evil color
  67. Bataille color
  68. “A whole is inside a part, a part does go away, a hole is a red leaf” (Gertrude Stein)
  69. Speculative this, speculative that, speculative anyplace color
  70. 24-7 color
  71. Sleepless color
  72. Are you afraid of ghosts
  73. Past lives color
  74. “Every decided color does a certain violence to the eye, and forces the organ to opposition” (Goethe)
  75. Maybe we need more color channels
  76. Hysterical arrangements of color distilled quietly in forms of brooches pins beads bottles Buddhistic eyes
  77. Laughter to shatter
  78. Please continue to unnerve us
  79. Pixelated plaid trophy on the shelf of a house lit by screen light
  80. Arcade color
  81. Another sun color
  82. Eggs ovaries uterus anus
  83. Virtuosic acrylic skins
  84. Who gets to author color
  85. Abundant wonder
  86. Radio waves from Cocteau’s Hell color
  87. Ecstatic funerary objects, equipment for another life
  88. Mantles trims ornaments plugs
  89. Few canvases contain so much quiet dazed-out playful drift with such attention to minutia
  90. Interference Color
  91. A flowering
  92. Lightness, Quickness, Exactitude, Visibility, Multiplicity (Six Memos for the Next Millennium)
  93. An ease about the interactions, nothing labored, never heavy-handed
  94. Painting grammar to upset acceptable abstraction
  95. A little chiffon goes a long way color
  96. A confederation of planets color
  97. Crystal candlelight tricked out rims screen glow color
  98. “Hypochondriacs frequently see dark objects, such as threads, hairs, spiders, flies, wasps [...] many see semi-transparent small tubes, forms like wings of insects, bubbles of water of various sizes, which fall slowly down, if the eye is raised: sometimes these congregate together so as to resemble the spawn of frogs; sometimes they appear as complete spheres, sometimes in the form of lenses.”(Goethe)
  99. Synesthesia Hypochondria
  100. Could we all be these hypochondriacs?

Stephen Mueller, Passegiata, 2005. Acrylic on canvas, 72 x 66 inches. Courtesy Lennon, Weinberg, Inc., New York and Texas Gallery, Houston.


Anthony Hawley

Anthony Hawley is a NYC-based multidisciplinary artist and writer. Recent solo projects and films have been presented by Residency Unlimited, the Salina Art Center and the Guggenheim Museum's Works & Process series. He is the author of two full-length collections of poetry and the forthcoming artist book dear donald... published by NoRoutine Books in 2021. Along with violinist Rebecca Fischer, he forms one half of The Afield, a performance collaboration for violin, video, electronics, and more. He teaches in the Hunter College MFA Studio Art Program and at SVA.


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