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LIZA LOU with Charlie Schultz

The title of Liza Lou's exhibition, The Classification and Nomenclature of Clouds, draws upon an essay from 1802 by Luke Howard, a chemist and amateur meteorologist, wherein the author gives clouds the names we still use today.

In Conversation


Once a part of the East Village scene, Ellen Berkenblit has been showing in New York since graduating from Cooper Union in 1980. Her earlier paintings had an affinity for the tubular, economical figure-style of vintage cartoons and comics, but have since sharpened, featuring pointy, angular forms and contoured intervals of explosive color.

In Conversation

MARY WEATHERFORD with Terry R. Myers

On the occasion of her exhibition I’ve Seen Gray Whales Go By, critic and independent curator Terry R. Myers recently spoke with artist Mary Weatherford, who he has known since her first solo exhibition at Diane Brown Gallery in New York in 1990, in her studio in Los Angeles.

In Conversation

DIANA THATER with Steven Pestana

Immersed in a luminous sweep of the color spectrum, Thater's meditative images of natural phenomena left a strong visceral impression. The following interview took place on the last day of July at her home studio in Pasadena, CA with Thater vibrantly reaching for video excerpts, books, slideshows, and ephemera to illustrate the conversation.

Gray Foy: Known and Unknown

The name Gray Foy has been nearly forgotten. An enormously gifted artist, he produced a hard-won inventory of some one hundred works, mostly drawings that fall into two approximate categories: smaller format drawings marked by an indenture to Salvador Dalí and other Surrealists dating to 1941 – 48 (but remarkable for all that), and his mature, nonpareil efforts depicting botanical subjects from the late forties through the late sixties—his best work.


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