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JUNE 2018

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Hilma af Klint, a world bigger than perceived

Hilma af Klint, Group IV, No. 3. The Ten Largest, Youth, 1907. 321 x 240 cm. The Hilma af Klint Foundation.

How do you make a painting when it is not about paint?
How do you put words to the unseen and the invisible?
Hilma, the conduit of the unseen and invisible.
Channeled by the simultaneously visible and invisible finger a medium of higher forces painted through her contacting a world bigger than perceived.
Guided by higher levels of consciousness to explore a world and how it is connected.
Swans, Doves, and Angels inhabit her world.
Her mission was to open our eyes to a life that lasts for eternity.
Limiting her own free lofty flights of thought in order to give vision a form that others can understand.


Margrit Lewczuk

Margrit Lewczuk is an artist. She lives in New York.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2018

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