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Art In Conversation

with Phong Bui

The clarity of thought and simplicity of execution in the work of Wolfgang Laib never fails to transpire feelings of lightness against life’s awesome gravity.

May-June 1968:
What Happened

After a year, 1967, marked by strong labor conflicts in big factories all over France, the month of May 1968 opened with intense student unrest in Paris and provincial universities: demonstrations, occupations of university buildings, and confrontations with the police.

Art In Conversation

ALLEN RUPPERSBERG with Constance Lewallen

On the occasion of Allen Ruppersberg’s retrospective exhibition, Intellectual Property: 1968 – 2018, Connstance Lewallen and Allen Ruppersberg stopped into the Rail HQ to talk about the evolution of Ruppersberg’s decades-long career, the conceptual through lines that can connect artworks, and how one defines “the periphery.

Art In Conversation

MEL CHIN with Lilly Wei

Mel Chin is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist and activist. In addition to that, his work demonstrates a sense of play and poetry, a kind of quixotic romanticism that, however, does not preclude skepticism.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

I think of my conversation with a new friend Wolfgang Laib, who gave up his medical study to be an artist, with his work as the healing agent. We both found ourselves concurring that suffering is caused by the tremendous emphasis of thinking of ourselves as separate, independent “I”s that need constant feeding to quench the craving.

Editor's Message Guest Critic

Migrating Places, Diasporic Beings, and The Ghost of Our Loss (Collage)

In recent decades, memory has been assaulted from all sides. The designs and interests of the dominant hegemonic system, along with intercultural transmissions facilitated by knowledge and experience of the ways others remember and preserve their past—and, therefore, the existence of the universal culture of the mass media—represent a challenge to our supposedly differentiated past.

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