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Known Quantities: Cannes 2017

They say familiarity breeds contempt, which might explain why this year’s Cannes program was one of the worst received in recent memory.

In Conversation

ERMEK SHINARBAEV with Tanner Tafelski

Compared to the concurrent New Taiwanese Cinema, the Kazakh New Wave is an under-exposed movement in cinema, even though many filmmakers associated with it have screened works and won major awards at Cannes, Toronto, Rotterdam, Locarno, and among other film festivals.

Risk/Reward: International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

Since its foundation in 1954, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has become one of the most established short film festivals in the world.

Rites of Passage:
John Trengove’s The Wound

When Elias Ribeiro, a Brazilian-born, Cape Town-based producer, came out at 22, his life transformed and his ability to function at all levels became more authentic. “I could breathe once I came out. I think it was the first time [that] I took a full breath of air to my full lung capacity,” Ribeiro says.


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