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In Conversation

PAM GROSSMAN with Jessica Caroline

Witches emerged as a patriarchal construct; historically they are symbols of subjugated feminine power, the female body and, more recently, of patriarchal rebellion. So too does artificial intelligence emerge as a man-made invention, but one that also has the potential to transcend anthropocentric control.

In Conversation

AGNÈS VARDA with Alexandra Juhasz

Sitting together in the often bustling offices of Blum & Poe, New York, Dr. Alexandra Juhasz met with Agnès Varda, grande dame of feminist film, to discuss Varda’s current exhibition of video installation, photography, and sculpture—her first in New York.

In Conversation

SIMON STARLING with Marcia E. Vetrocq

Peripatetic and prolific, Simon Starling (b. 1967) has traveled to and across five continents since the early 1990s to research, fabricate, photograph, film, perform, and install his work.

Blur and Fuzz

The sociopathic killer Anton Chigurh, a creation of novelist Cormac McCarthy, enjoys using a coin toss to decide the fate of people he encounters.

In Conversation

ROE ETHRIDGE with Amy Ontiveros

There’s an ineffable freight to the irresistible mastery of Roe Ethridge, whose twenty years in the public eye have afforded constellations of the most seemingly unrelated and pensively lush orchestrations, delivered with irony, buoyancy, sentiment, and transparency.

In Conversation

Allan McCollum with Phong Bui

It’s difficult to describe Allan McCollum’s work, but his uncanny oceans of objects and inauspicious clouds of things create an immersive feeling that persists in one’s memory.

Close Encounters

Barry Schwabsky with Jarrett Earnest

Barry Schwabsky is art critic for the Nation and co-editor of international reviews at Artforum.


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