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India: Demonetization Indian-Style and What It Says About All Our Futures

To get from the Bangalore Airport (Bangalore is the capital of India’s version of Silicon Valley) to the city center, you take a four-lane highway that is lightly traveled and well-maintained. It is flanked by signs as high as four-story buildings, lit up day and night, that proclaim, “Welcome to the Uber side of life.”

Nowhere to Go:
Automation, Then and Now

It is in this serious light that we have to look at the question of the growing army of the unemployed. We have to stop looking for solutions in pump-priming, featherbedding, public works, war contracts, and all the other gimmicks that are always being proposed by labor leaders and well-meaning liberals.

Harvard’s Graduate Students Union Versus the Trappings of Success

2016 was a banner year for graduate student organizing on university campuses. In August, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that graduate student workers had the right to organize and bargain collectively as university employees, reversing a 2004 decision by a more conservative board.

Culture from Horror:
On Teaching the Mexican Drug Wars

In his essay for the Mexico course units offered by the new educational website Words Without Borders Campus, the Mexican writer Francisco Goldman raises an outcry in memory of Ayotiznapa—the word on the lips of tens of thousands of his fellow citizens who continue to march through the streets calling for justice and government reforms.


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