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In Memoriam

Remembering Tim Rollins

Editor's Note

As 2017 slipped into 2018, we heard of the death of Tim Rollins, artist, friend, teacher, mentor, and spiritual sibling to many.

Remembering Tim Rollins



Remembering Tim Rollins

Angel Abreu

Tim Rollins was a maverick. He used art and knowledge as a weapon to fight stigma and change the world for those of us who had yet to learn they had such potential.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Jorge Abreu

The most important thing I’ve gathered throughout these years working with Tim Rollins & K.O.S. is that through tragedy is where beauty is made.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Robert Branch, Ed.M

I had the honor of calling the joyful and ever-caring Tim Rollins a collaborator, mentor, and close friend for over twenty four years.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Julie Ault

I know this sounds dramatic, but Tim Rollins saved my life.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Doug Ashford

He was insistent that the talk was only as good as the action it produced. He was a scholar who put ideas to work.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Andres Serrano

He was bigger than life then, and he’s bigger than life now.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Jim Hodges

Without exception, never did I run into Tim, no matter what the circumstance, time of day, occasion, weather or year when Tim didn’t acknowledge the blessing he was living.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Robert Bordo

Tim was a real enthusiast, one of the most positive people I have ever known. He believed in the power of Art, artists, education and activism.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Pastor Vanessa Brown

We called Tim our soul brother. I often told him that he was an Evangelist of Art.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Dara Birnbaum

This is what Tim did, for all the years following… all the years that I had the sheer pleasure of knowing him. He picked up my spirit.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Marc J. Straus

You see a word. It isn’t. It’s / an idea, it’s letters forming a pattern / that may be as incongruous as breadcrumbs...

Remembering Tim Rollins

Eleanor Heartney

I wrote about Tim and his group for various books and publications, we spoke together on panels, he helped me on various projects, and we shared many a tipsy conversation on the meaning of art, the messed-up-ness of the world and beauty of the spirit.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Sergio Bessa

Tim was a larger than life figure, and his stature will only grow as we look back at all the he accomplished with K.O.S.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Stefan Kalmár

His generosity, this collective effort, is more important than ever.

Remembering Tim Rollins

David Rhodes

Before Tim became the artist of international stature and revolutionary educator so widely celebrated, he was an intense young man from Pittsfield, Maine who wanted to study at SVA.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Conrad Atkinson

He was extremely well read and extremely enthusiastic. I knew from that moment he would achieve great things….and he did.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Thyrza Nichols Goodeve

It’s unnerving how friends with public profiles freeze into memory as they die. I first knew of Tim Rollins as a distant idle, decades before we became friends.

Remembering Tim Rollins

Larry Littany Litt

The sincere effort Tim made in 2004 to help me produce my film, “Before You Don’t Vote” is my strongest loving memory of him.

Remembering Tim Rollins

David Ross

Tim Rollins taught me something else—something I think about every time I feel that the art world has become a place I don’t recognize, or don’t want to recognize.


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