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Wallenstein Extracts

When the Bohemians were defeated, no one was better pleased than the Emperor. Never had his teeth worked away so nimbly at a pheasant, never had his little eyes in their wrinkled setting flashed so wolfishly from sideboard to plate, plate to sideboard.

Died Young

If Ben had been the kind of person who was ready to retire and move down to one of those gated communities in Florida where people played golf and cards all day and enjoyed the early bird specials, he might have been happy.

inSerial: part thirteen
Delusions of Being Observed

There was the moment just before we were about to leave the cafe, when it felt like we’d been together for hours, though no more than forty-five minutes had elapsed since the time we walked up the steps of the subway on West Fourth Street, and then around the corner to the Caffe Reggio on Macdougal.

In Conversation

New Routes in Fiction: Tessa Hadley with Alec Niedenthal

Tessa Hadley’s stories and novels treat the humdrum drama of British middle-class life with reverence, intelligence and a certain kind of eye I’m having trouble adding an adjective to.

Awkwardly Calling Your Representatives

Joshua Daniel is a new york-based cartoonist and illustrator. He makes noir comics, political comics, boardgames, and DnD characters. You can also visit his website for commissions and other things,, and also check out more political comics at


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