LYNN STERN with Alex Chowaniec

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New York–based photographer Lynn Stern’s subversive images stare back. Her skulls, shot on black-and-white film, open up critical questions about death and dying in an ongoing exorcism that has lasted for over twenty-five years. I consider Stern equal parts sculptor and photographer.

Stanley Whitney: Sketchbook

Art Books

Known as an abstract painter for his bold use of gridded color swatches, Stanley Whitney crowds his drawings with an abundance of line, as seen in his September-October exhibition of drawings at Lisson Gallery in Chelsea.

The Hungry Years, by Jack Pierson
Peter Hujar: Speed of Life, by Peter Hujar

Art Books

Jack Pierson was born with a plastic spoon in his mouth. In his hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts, exposure to high modern culture was maybe a yellow school bus trip to the Boston museums; back at home, dirty-sneaker kids gaped moon-eyed at tour buses, laden with people from Paramus cruising for Pilgrims.