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NOV 2017

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NOV 2017 Issue
Art Remembering Linda Nochlin

Thyrza Nichols Goodeve

Last week, as though the news for feminists and women of the art world(s) wasn’t grim enough (the Weinstein allegations of abusive horror ballooning into overwhelming quantities; Artforum publisher Knight Landsman served with a damning lawsuit followed by the resignation of longtime female editor Michelle Kuo, not to mention the daily obscenity of our never-to-repent pussy-grabbing President), we learn of the passing of Linda Nochlin. Few scholars change the course of living history as she did in 1971 when she published, “Why Are There No Great Women Artists” –a fact noted by the many writers in the art world who have written movingly about her influence. We at The Brooklyn Rail are honored to publish the following personal anecdotes and reminiscences from only a few of the many whose lives were touched by Nochlin.


Mary Ann Caws

Jason Rosenfeld

Maurice Berger

Judith Rodenbeck

Coco Fusco

Martha Rosler

Aruna D’Souza



The Brooklyn Rail

NOV 2017

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