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Z Behl

Endless large rooms, some raw, some scary, some sanitized and institutional, and some so large you can’t imagine making enough work to fill them. To work in such large spaces inside a development that is constantly growing and in an organization that is constantly developing, is an endlessly exciting opportunity. It has changed my work to have the space to work large, to have access to the discarded excess of over 300 artists and to exchange ideas and materials in a community full of diversity.

There is not enough government support for art in this country—it is very special to find a place that pushes you and assists you at the same time. A place far enough away from New York, with enough of its own gravity that I can fall into another world when I arrive—and never know what to expect.


Z Behl

Born and raised in New York, artist Z BEHL graduated from Wesleyan University. Behl has served as an artist-in-residence at Pioneer Works and Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, and is the recipient of grants from the Joan Mitchell Foundation and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation.