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Jamie Diamond

In 2014, I was invited by Ysa Pinyol and Karline Moeller to participate in the first iteration of the Mana residency program.

As an institution, Mana believes in the power of art to inspire and is filled with wonder and possibility. During the last four years, I’ve seen major transformations, ambition, and potential.

Fostering a dynamic environment of inclusion and solidarity, an open intellectual framework with strong opportunity for collaboration and dialogue exists—though there are divergent practices among artists.

The founding vision of the space is inspiring and infectious. The commitment and belief in the arts as a vehicle to inform and change is palpable, and its result is an environment where the possibilities of artmaking are legion. It continues to forge a strong sense of community where artists can thrive.

At a time of great uncertainty and political strife, knowing that institutions exist that persevere and continue to grow provides me with a sense of comfort and optimism.

Great things happen in dark times. We need supportive art institutions now more than ever.   


Jamie Diamond

JAMIE DIAMOND is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Since 2009, Diamond has been lecturing in photography at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently the Undergraduate Photography Coordinator of UPenn's Fine Art Department.