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Adi, Ange, Gabi: We moved our studio to Mana Contemporary four months ago after eighteen years in Chinatown…Whaaao…..so much space and opportunity for threeASFOUR …. It was difficult at first, but surprised how fast we got used to the commute. We looove the opposite rush hour Path train, a quiet / peaceful experience and faster than taking the train to Brooklyn…not to mention the charrrming walk back and forth through Little India / Jersey City…Mana feels like an Art Castle in the middle of a European countryside, filled with a varied array of artists (400+)—commercial, established, young, old, famous, unknown—it is such a pleasure to be in a place that welcomes all kinds of creative minds…



THREEASFOUR is a trio of transnational artists based in New York City who use fashion as their primary artistic medium