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In Dialogue: Steal the Stars with Mac Rogers & Nat Cassidy

For those who frequent the seedy underbelly of Off-Off Broadway, the names Mac Rogers and Nat Cassidy will probably ring a bell. Rogers’ epic The Honeycomb Trilogy (2012) offered a breathtaking seven hours of sci-fi familial melodrama, while Cassidy’s The Temple, or, Lebensraum (2015), submerged its audience 200 meters underwater for a suffocating Lovecraftian odyssey.

Entering the Lightbulb with Robert Heide: 25 Plays

One third each of playwright, philosopher, and far-out hippie, his collected works, available for the first time this fall in 25 Plays from Michael Smith’s Fast Books, capture his singular, existentialist ‘60s disposition. The plays often dramatize the (sometimes irreconcilable) struggle between individuality and the unbreakable continuity of time and existence.


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