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Titicut Follies:
A Stark Documentary Transformed into Dance

Generating new movement ideas is difficult for choreographers, particularly when creating full-length dances. It’s so challenging that most of the big ballet companies continue to rely on narrative staples from centuries ago.

Hitting Her Stride

“The Current Sessions” (TCS) had been steadily functioning as a mixed-bill series, hosting a variety of emerging and established choreographers in four shows over the course of a weekend.

The Slow Burn:
Hilary Easton’s Radiator

Hilary Easton’s bio suggests that her identity as a choreographer is inseparable from her identity as an educator, teaching dance composition at Juilliard.

“I’m gay,” she never said.

Jill Johnston, the longtime Village Voice dance critic-turned lesbian feminist provocateur, made queer work of coming out. In 1970, she announced her lesbianism to the world, but did so by requiring her readers to listen to the news of her sexuality on her own terms.


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