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Traces of Humanity

The past is a wind that constantly blows through the present with varying degrees of force: sometimes as a pleasant nostalgic breeze, at other times a destructive monsoon, shaping the future while eroding the present, leaving only smoke, the final visible trace of human presence.

Radical Empathy: A Manifesto for the 21st Century

This perennial problem of the rift between artist and audience is what laid the seeds for Odyssey Works, both the title of this wonderfully original and deeply affecting book and the name of the interdisciplinary performance group whose work it presents.

In Conversation

Fostering A More Socially-Conscious Narrative
Olivia Kate Cerrone with David Winner

Olivia Kate Cerrone’s remarkable novella, The Hunger Saint, due to be released in April by Bordighera Press, takes us to a postwar Sicilian world not often written about or discussed: the sulfur mines where young boys called carusi worked in abysmally dangerous conditions, victims of a type of indentured servitude known as a soccorso morto.

Up Against the Wall, Magician

In a recent New York Times article, it was announced that Paul Auster, in celebration of his upcoming seventieth birthday, would appear onstage with his singer-songwriter daughter, Sophie, and the magician David Blaine at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami.

Florida Records

Emotion-rich scenes from Gerard’s life stand alongside straightforward descriptions of historical events unencumbered by editorializing.  These hybrid personal-and-reported essays are the best of both their worlds.

In Conversation

What's the Point of Love?: Sarah Gerard with Christine Sang

What does it mean to believe that something is true? What does it mean to believe anything at all?


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