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Threads of Fire and Water and Gold

The roving art space We Buy Gold, which Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels opened in Bed Stuy in March, is successfully managing a tricky balancing act: it is seriously and coherently embedded in its space and moment, even as it resists barricading itself into a particular corner.

Radical Empathy: A Manifesto for the 21st Century

This perennial problem of the rift between artist and audience is what laid the seeds for Odyssey Works, both the title of this wonderfully original and deeply affecting book and the name of the interdisciplinary performance group whose work it presents.

Adding Words to Phrases:
the conversation continues between Whelan and Brooks

February 28 marked the New York premiere of Some of a Thousand Words at the Joyce Theater, and another point in Wendy Whelan’s trajectory from New York City Ballet principal to contemporary dance collaborator.

A Vivifying Spectacle
Target Margin Theater’s Mourning Becomes Electra

Most of us already know something of Eugene O’Neill. His plays are as ineluctable as their characters’ poisoned fates; even if we duck The Emperor Jones in high school, we are caught later by our neighborhood troupe’s Anna Christie, or by the Broadway revival of Long Day’s Journey into Night that our parents believe might finally make us appreciate them.

Notes from the 2017 True/False Festival

Where a historicist approach might chart an analytical course, connecting a film’s concerns with the particular social and political context in which it is located, here each film invites a reading of social conditions as an impression of form, a pattern of incriminating networks rather than as a stable background.

Nowhere to Go: Automation, Then and Now Part Two

On February 19, 2017, the New York Times ran a feature story on recent changes in the United States oil industry. The focus was on the recent “embrace” of technological innovation in the industry after the 2014 plunge in the global oil market.

The Weight of the World

For Adnan, the job of an artist, regardless of form or medium, is to participate in that double attraction: both to hear and see the world actively, to meet and collide with it.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

What have we gained from reading novels, books of poetry and philosophy, observing music and dance performances, watching films, or contemplating works of art? In each instance, a human experience is materialized and distilled as one distinctive expression that tells us something about the community and world we inhabit.

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Reviews of relatively recent works of poetry and poetics, mostly by poets.

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